Beat the workplace blues with these tips on how to stay motivated for the rest of the year.


Ask for a pay rise
Not getting a raise and feeling undervalued is one of the most popular reasons employees leave their jobs. Although it may be nerve-racking, it may pay off.


Find a mentor
Mentorship at work is so important that 71% of Fortune 500 companies have formal mentoring programmes for their employees.
Ask your HR manager to implement a mentoring scheme. To help, we host a coaching & mentoring course which will provide mentors with the skills they need to pass on their knowledge and inspire their mentee.


Get involved in team-work
Team-work strengthens work relationships and creates a more positive environment. Get stuck in a team-away day or become part of your companies professional team.


Upskill yourself
Keeping up with the latest learning and development skills and trends will increase productivity, satisfaction and most importantly motivation. For a full list of courses to improve your skill set, click here.


Use your vacation days
Holidays are good for your health. Book a holiday and take some time to unwind and relax outside of the office.


Take care of your mental health
Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experiences anxiety, depression or stress each year. Prioritise your mental health, take rests, eat well, exercise and get lots of sleep.

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The changing seasons can often have an effect on workplace productivity, however by noticing what makes people happy as well as successful in their careers, leaders can help both themselves and their employees towards greater productivity within the workplace.

Here are four simple tips to create positive environments that promote wellbeing, energy and happiness.

Take breaks

Give people the opportunity to take a break from tasks as this will keep their energy high. Breaks lead to fresher minds, greater problem-solving and improved creative thinking. Encourage employees to take breaks whenever they see fit (within reason). Set up a dedicated break room, and fill it with things that will take your employees minds off their work for a few minutes - complimentary coffee, fruit or even a game.

Celebrate achievements

Recognise achievements and embrace them! Whenever a team or individual hits a major goal, or when the business reaches a milestone, treat them. You don’t have to spend vast amounts of money or for it even to take up a lot of time, but hosting a mini gathering makes a big impact. It helps people to reflect on their hard work, spend time together and feel good about the progress the business has made.


Ensuring employees develop new skills and hone expertise is both rewarding and profitable, and proves an excellent way to boost engagement.

Get people to take ownership and invest in their own skills, with training and creative sessions that provide a break from the admin that often dominates workloads. This can be in the form of a bespoke training programme, spending the day out of the office learning a different skill or a team building exercise. 

Share with your team

Creating a collaborative process with your team has wide-ranging effects, and all are positive. When leaders share ideas and updates with their employees, open communication becomes second nature, and everyone feels equally invested in the company’s overall goals and values.

When all ideas are heard and considered, each member of the team feels valued, and ultimately more satisfied with the workplace. Include your employees in decisions and discussions whenever possible, and try to be transparent about the reasoning behind your decisions.

When leaders are transparent about the current health and future goals of the company, employees often have an improved understanding of their role within the bigger picture. This can lead to innovative solutions and problem-solving. Leaders should also promote a culture of continuous improvement where it's common practice for everyone to give and receive feedback.