IT Courses - Power BI Desktop: Complete

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 21.00
Cost (£): 950.00

Course Overview

Ideal for anyone who needs a total immersion in how to harness
Microsoft Power BI Desktop to its full effect, this comprehensive
training is delivered with plenty of illustrated examples and
augmented with practical hands-on exercises.
There are no specific technical prerequisites for the course, but
it may prove beneficial for you to be familiar with Excel and/or
relational database technologies. The key consideration is that
you should have a basic understanding of your organisation’s
need to collect, cleanse and analyse data, in order to visualise
and gain significant insights into that data.

Course Content

Day 1: Introduction and Power Query
Introducing Power BI Desktop
Overview and Power BI Desktop components
Loading and Transforming Data
Discovering and loading file-based data, loading data from databases, DirectQuery and Connect Live, loading data from the Internet, shaping and transforming datasets, merging and appending data, structuring, managing and parameterising queries
Day 2: Data Modelling and DAX
• Data Modelling
Basic concepts, creating a data model, preparing data for dashboards, creating and managing relationships
• The DAX Expression Language
Introduction to DAX, extending the data model with calculated columns, adding measures to the data model, creating a date/calendar table,
implementing time intelligence
Day 3: Dashboards and Reports
• Visualising Data
Table visualisations, using a matrix, using cards, implementing and formatting charts, tree maps, gauges and KPIs, implementing maps, visual, page and report filters, implementing slicers, using charts as slicers, enhancing dashboards
• Publishing Reports (optional)
Introduction to, publishing reports to, refreshing data


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