Finance & Accountancy - Commercial Awareness for Technical People

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 500.00

Course Overview

The aim of this course is to bring out the commercial context surrounding technical work. It allows technical staff to understand how they fit into a larger picture, why they may be asked to undertake tasks that do not appear to be technical and the impact their interactions have within the commercial
context. The course emphasises the collaborative nature of delivery and the need to offer value to customers.

Course Content

• Stakeholders and their various needs
• Sales, bidding and the value chain
• Valuing Good Enough requirements management
• Five estimating methods
• Controlling change
• Identifying and managing risk
• Key elements of contracts, types of contracts and intellectual property rights
Benefits for the individual
• Understand which technical concerns are commercially significant
• Understand how to produce better estimates
• Understand how to retain value and contribute to profitability
Benefits for the organisation
• Better alignment between technical teams and sales teams
• Better relationships with customer personnel
• Better estimates feeding into bids
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