Finance & Accountancy - Finance for Senior Leaders

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 500.00

Course Overview

Senior leaders depend upon financial data and their financial teams to make business decisions on behalf of their organisation. This course is designed to support them in understanding financial data, asking the right questions, and working more confidently with internal and external stakeholders, including
investors. It is also invaluable for aspiring senior leaders who want to be stretched and ready for their next role.

Course Content

• The role of finance in strategy
• Revisiting key financial statements, including balance, profit and loss
• Use of financial ratios to understand business performance
• Understanding external financial and economic data to shape business plans
• Putting together a financial strategy
• More effective budgeting and forecasting
• Cash flow and cash management
• Communicating financially to stakeholders
Benefits for the individual
• Greater understanding of financial strategy
• Stronger engagement with the organisation’s budgeting and forecasting cycle
• Increased confidence in the communication of decisions based on financial data
• Ability to discern fact from fiction in the presentation of financial data
Benefits for the organisation
• Building capability among senior leaders to help the organisation undertake informed decision-making
• Greater ability to influence investors
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