People Skills - Bridge the Gap

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

How can you provide apprentices with empowering mentoring support
so that they are an asset to their organisation from day one? This
workshop enables you to strengthen your profile as an inspirational role
model and your ability to set objectives, encourage reflective practices
and offer both task-related and emotional support.
Based on the ethos that a strong role model can deliver a positive
and successful mentoring relationship, Bridge the Gap equips employers and staff members with knowledge of how to interact with ‘millennial’ apprentices in a supportive and motivational way. It will help you achieve a positive apprenticeship experience for both parties and establish a two-way collaborative approach to the mentoring relationship.

Course Content

• Understand the apprenticeship programme
• Understand apprentices’ personal and professional needs
• Utilise apprentice assessments to plan effective support
• Learn what mentoring is
• Best practice within mentoring
• Identify your own skills, knowledge and experiences
• Interpersonal skills and utilising positive psychology
• Mentoring models and theories
Benefits for the individual
• Understand the benefits of mentoring for yourself, the apprentice and the organisation
• Inspire, motivate and empower future generations
• Achieve personal and professional satisfaction
• Better understand internal and external pressures that impact young people
• Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
• Enhance your CV and career opportunities
• Develop personal and core skills
Benefits for the organisation
• Reduce apprenticeship ‘drop off’ rates
• Increase development and retention of quality staff
• Develop confidence levels in apprentices and staff members
• Create a diverse workforce from different community groups
• Improve performance and increase productivity
• Better engagement and job satisfaction
• Develop a level of trust and commitment
• Fast-track apprentices’ integration into the organisation
• Enable effective succession planning
• Lower resistance to change
• Achieve cost-effective improvements


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