People Skills - It's a Nice Day for a Coaching Conversation

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 14.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

This course is designed for busy managers who need to gain high-level
practical skills and problem-solving abilities but do not have time for a lengthy course. You will learn to recognise opportunities for coaching conversations and be able to structure them effectively so that the coachee takes on responsibility for moving forward.
Nice Day is a highly visual model of coaching that is based on a story, making it memorable and easy to recall. You will learn about tools and techniques, have time to practise and receive feedback from your colleagues.

Course Content

Day 1
• What coaching is – and isn’t
• When and where to coach
• Auditing your skills – what have you got and what do you need?
• How adults learn
• The Nice Day model
• Practising parts of the model, including exploring the issues, goal setting, generating and evaluating options, anchoring decisions and planning for action
• The story of Thrugmunck!
Day 2
• Putting it all together – practising a full coaching session with feedback from observers
• Practising advanced coaching skills and tools – active listening, clean language, perceptual positions, reframing, challenging and drilling down
• The importance of well-formed outcomes
• Personal action planning to develop your coaching skills
Benefits for the individual
• Confidence in your ability to hold coaching conversations so that you can help others reach their potential
• More effective questioning and listening skills
• The chance to practise several coaching techniques
• Increased self-awareness through feedback from colleagues
Benefits for the organisation
• More confident and solution-focussed staff
• People who have learnt to become practical problem solvers
• The opportunity to nip performance management issues in the bud
• Staff who take accountability for their own issues
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