People Skills - Understanding Change

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

This course will help you understand the impact that change has on people and their emotions. It focuses on appreciating why people find change so difficult and how to overcome their resistance to change in the workplace.
If you are in a leadership role where you need to implement change, we will equip you with the key skills and knowledge to manage people successfully during what can sometimes be a challenging period.

Course Content

• Understand the need for change and the emotional stages that follow change
• Communicate change
• Recognise how to enable and facilitate change effectively
• Identify the key stages to successful change
• Improve your ability to influence others through language and communication
Benefits for the individual
• Greater understanding of the change process
• Increased knowledge of reactions to change
• Capacity to deal with resistance effectively
• Better relationships within your team
Benefits for the organisation 
• Effective communication in times of change
• Increased organisational effectiveness
• Improved employee engagement
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