Human Resources - Menopause in the Workplace. And it's only women, right?

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 4.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

As women are working for longer, menopause can get in the way of their work and careers at a time when organisations need to retain their talent and have everyone performing at their best. It is important to remember that men can experience age-related changes in hormone levels too – in what is known as the andropause.
At a time when employment tribunals have been won on the basis of menopausal symptoms, there is a clear onus of responsibility on organisations to look after employees’ wellbeing and foster a culture of inclusivity. By attending this course, you will understand more about what menopause is, how to recognise the symptoms and how you can support people experiencing those symptoms.

Course Content

• Raising awareness, understanding and education about menopause
• The business benefits of an inclusive workforce
• How to create management trust and a safe space for open conversations
• How to support women and men experiencing menopause symptoms and what reasonable adjustments to consider
Benefits for the individual
• Greater awareness of menopause
• Deeper understanding of how you can be at your best in the workplace
• Knowledge, tools and resources to support you with menopause
Benefits for the organisation 
• Employees who feel valued and understood, with higher levels of engagement and loyalty
• Access to a growing and untapped talent pool, reducing recruitment costs and time to hire
• Lower turnover costs and decreased absenteeism
• Higher levels of production and innovation
• A culture where people can be at their best
• Better communication and trust levels between leaders and employees
• Improved customer satisfaction and retention
• Enhanced profile as an employer of choice – recommended by employees as a great place to work


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