Human Resources - Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 4.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is everyone’s business: all organisations have a part to play in creating an environment where everyone can be at their best. But the concepts can often seem complex and difficult to put into practice; terminology can be confusing; and it can be hard to 
tell what is acceptable to do or say. You may want to do the right thing but be frightened of getting it wrong. 
If you would like to feel more confident in recognising and dealing  
with D&I issues, this half-day introductory course gives you knowledge, tools and resources that you can apply practically in the workplace.  
It is an interactive course, providing opportunities to practise in a  
safe environment.

Course Content

  • Where D&I can take place in the work environment
  • The impact of your own behaviours in the work environment
  • Action planning for measures to implement in the workplace
  • Understanding D&I, unconscious bias and the legislative framework
  • Greater level of awareness and understanding of inclusive leadership
Benefits for the individual
•  Raised awareness and understanding of D&I
•  Increased confidence when dealing with D&I in the workplace
•  Knowledge, tools and resources about D&I
Benefits for the organisation 
Higher levels of employee engagement and loyalty
Higher levels of production
Increased levels of innovation
Reduced absenteeism
A culture where people can be at their best
Greater communication and trust levels between leaders and employees
Happier, more energised employees
Improved customer satisfaction and retention
Enhanced profile as an employer of choice – recommended by employees as a great place to work


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