IT Courses - Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Advanced Querying

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 14.00
Cost (£): 100.00

Course Overview

Take your querying skills to the next level on this advanced course
featuring plenty of illustrated examples and practical hands-on exercises.
You will gain a deeper insight into your data, understand how SQL Server
internally handles the data you query, and learn how to manipulate data
in new and meaningful ways for the purposes of analysis and reporting.
There are useful techniques for querying temporal data, such as working
with date intervals and data islands, and we look at best practices for
writing efficient queries and avoiding common pitfalls.
Delegates should ideally be familiar with basic programming concepts
and understand the fundamental design of relational databases –
as taught on our Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Relational
Database Design and Querying Fundamentals course. Additionally,
you should have attended the Introduction to Querying course or
possess equivalent knowledge.

Course Content

• Use functions native to SQL Server
• Manipulate NULL values in queries
• Conditionally manipulate data using the CASE expression
• Understand native SQL Server data types
• Implement variables
• Implement advanced join techniques
• Aggregate data to higher grouping levels
• Rank data using SQL Server ranking functions
• Analyse data with window functions
• Restrict data result sets
• Correlate data with the APPLY operator
• Implement temporary data storage
• Transform data using pivot operators
• Understand Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
• Work with native SQL Server date and time data
• Implement advanced data modification techniques
• Understand the role of transactions in SQL Server
• Understand the role of views in SQL Server databases
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