IT Courses - Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Reporting Services

Venue: Ilkeston
Cost (£): 1400.00

Course Overview

This course provides concise coverage of the subject matter, including
hands-on exercises which enable delegates to gain confidence quickly in
using Reporting Services. On the first two days you will become familiar
with the development tools used to create and author reports, enabling you to design basic and then more complex reports. We cover all of the data regions used in report design as well as various interactive features and the implementation and use of report parameters.
Day 3 focuses on advanced report design concepts,
such as ways of making reports truly dynamic and
professional, as well as the implementation of mobile
reports and KPIs. On the final day, we deal more
specifically with the role of the Report Server itself,
so you will learn how to deploy reports to a Report
Server, manage Report Server content, handle
subscriptions, and control access to reports.
Delegates should ideally be familiar with basic programming concepts and understand the fundamental design of relational databases and data
normalisation. Some prior working knowledge of SQL Server 2017 (or the previous version), and the use of SQL Server Management Studio, is assumed. In addition, you should be familiar with the SQL query
language: our Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Querying Data for Report Developers course would be an ideal primer.

Course Content

• Understand the Reporting Services architecture and report lifecycle
• Create and edit reports using tables, matrices and lists
• Use expressions to enhance report capabilities
• Enhance reports by implementing interactive features
• Incorporate charts, indicators and other graphical features into reports
• Work with data sources and datasets
• Understand advanced report design concepts
• Implement mobile reports and KPIs
• Set up report publishing and execution settings
• Manage Report Server content with the Reporting Services web portal
• Distribute reports with subscriptions
• Secure Report Server resources


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