IT Courses - Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Querying Data for Report Developers

Venue: Ilkeston
Cost (£): 1050.00

Course Overview

This course is designed from the ground up – starting with basic queries
and advancing to more complex querying methods – so you do not need
previous knowledge of the SQL language. It helps delegates build the
skills to retrieve data from a Microsoft SQL Server database in a report
authoring environment, whether that be through Microsoft SQL Server
Reporting Services or a similar reporting tool. The last module, which is
optional, will also give students the opportunity to put their SQL skills into
practice by creating a simple report.
Delegates should ideally be familiar with basic programming concepts
and should also understand the fundamental design of relational
databases – knowledge which you can gain by taking our two-day
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and 2017 Relational Database Design and
Querying Fundamentals course. On completing this programme, you
will be able to retrieve data using the SQL language and write effective
queries for reporting purposes.

Course Content

• Understand SQL syntax
• Retrieve, filter and sort data
• Work with the SQL Server date and time data types
• Query data from multiple tables by using joins
• Summarise and rank grouped data
• Combine and limit result sets
• Work with subqueries
• Understand basic common table expressions
• Implement stored procedures
• Implement SQL code to create a simple report
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