Marketing - Progressive Selling

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 325.00

Course Overview

Conventional wisdom in the world of business development once suggested that “selling was selling” - and that techniques that were successful in smaller consumer sales worked equally well in more complex business-to-business transactions.

But research has shown that, on the contrary, widely used conventional methods fail miserably when applied in more complex transactions.

This course is for those involved significantly with large organisations, structures and projects where knowledge (and opinion) can offer real value to a client.

Benefits for the individual

  • This course aims to help recruiters become perceived by their customers as real consultants or problem solvers who are working in the customers’ best interest.

  • A positive side effect of the technique is that decision-makers will remember the seller in a more positive light and that a 'solution-focused' attitude is associated with the seller.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Greater success can be achieved in larger-scale deals

  • Revenue and contract longevity improvements can be achieved by succeeding in higher value deals.

Course Content

  • Focus on a pattern of questions (situation, problem, implication and need - pay-off)

  • A behaviour analysis method that is based on the belief that customer behaviour changes according to the size of the sale

  • Build the perceived value of your proposition

  • The sale and buying cycles

  • The implied and explicit needs

  • The four stages of a sales call

  • The development of needs

  • The SPIN questions

  • Successful probing strategy for larger sales

  • Effectively using the SPIN model

  • Demonstrating capability

  • The three ways to demonstrate a solution

  • The obtaining commitment stage

  • Preventing objections

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