Human Resources - HR Investigations and Interview Skills

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 14.00
Cost (£): 600.00

Course Overview

This course develops the skills, knowledge and confidence to help HR teams deal with sensitive allegations and investigations in the workplace. It provides a detailed understanding of how to initiate and develop an investigation, and the rationalised decision-making to support your investigative strategy. 

We cover investigative interview skills to help you obtain information through a structured approach to interviewing people, including the complainant and the person under investigation. These skills can also be applied to a range of other HR functions including recruitment.

Course Content


Day 1

• Types of investigations: discipline, grievance, attendance and safeguarding – an exploration and reinforcement of the key issues and policies affecting HR

• Investigations – what are they?

• Rationalised decision-making / ethical decision-making – an exploration of models to assist and support investigators in taking the appropriate action

• Scenarios and interview preparation briefing, with effective peer feedback


Delegates will be provided with an interview scenario to prepare for day 2.


Day 2

• Leadership and taking responsibility

• Interview scenarios and group feedback

• Investigations from an employment law viewpoint – examination of the role of a solicitor, stated cases and support

• Case reviews – best practice and learning

• Q and A session


Benefits for the individual

• Improved and ethical decision-making

• Confidence in dealing with investigations


Benefits for the organisation

• Improved investigations

• Greater staff confidence in the decision-making process

• Compliance with policy and statutory legislation by all staff involved in investigations

• Reduction in the number of failed tribunals and investigations

• Improved retention and recruitment of staff

• Enhanced status as an employer of choice


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