Strategy - Formulating Strategy

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 325.00

Course Overview

Formulating strategy is the bedrock for ensuring the effectiveness of any organisation. This course provides you with a broad insight into the world of corporate strategy, from the planning to the implementation phase. It delivers a clear and concise understanding of how to create a working strategic plan for your organisation.

Course Content

  • Strategic planning

    • Development of organisational strategies

    • Defining key strategic outcomes and KPIs

    • Measuring and reporting success

    • Strategic management tools

    • Mapping the environment – Porter’s Five Forces

    • Effective risk mitigation

    • Defining customer benefits

    • The financial management roadmap

    • Effective strategy implementation

    • Effective communication

    • The Change Curve

    • Balanced scorecard metrics

    • Continuous improvement


Benefits for the individual

• Understand concepts of long-term planning and develop the confidence and initiative to apply these effectively

• Apply strategic concepts to the development of the organisation

• Identify and assess issues and risks that may have an impact on your organisation


Benefits for the organisation

• A strategic understanding of principal tools and models and their use within the company

• A roadmap for the development of corporate strategies

• Advice on the effective implementation of these strategies

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