Project Management - Introduction to Revit and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 575.00

Course Overview

This is a practical course designed to instruct you on how to draw a 3D model in Revit. Produce sections, elevations from the model and print out working drawings to scale. You will also input and output data from the drawing, including: schedules, specifications of materials and components, quantities and cost information. Export data into a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Revit and the concept of BIM
  • Produce grid and elevation lines
  • Edit and save components or families
  • Design and insert a wall stack (Foundation and Cavity Wall)
  • Draw internal walls
  • Edit and insert a ground floor.
  • Draw and edit a curtain wall
  • Insert windows and doors into the model
  • Draw a gable end roof
  • Add facia boards, barge boards and gutters to the roof
  • Preparing your drawing for printing (A4, A3 and A1)
  • Adding Scales, Dimensions, Notation and Schedules
  • Input and output data into the model including cost information, quantities and material specifications
  • Export data into a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

Benefits to the individual
You will become proficient at using Revit to produce 3D Models and working drawings. You will gain an understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its impact on the construction industry.

Benefits to your organisation
This programme of study can help integrate BIM into your organisation, promote collaborative working between all job rolls involved with the design and construction of a building. Coordinate cost data, carryout material take-off from the model, generate material and component specification, easily identify when building elements and components clash within the Model and avoid expensive alterations on site.

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