IT Courses - Basic Excel

Venue: Ilkeston
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 125.00

Course Overview

Microsoft Excel is the world's favourite spreadsheet application, with an incredible number of uses. Our Excel for Beginners workshop is designed for individuals with little or no experience of the application. It gives them the knowledge, skills and expertise to build practical, functional spreadsheets that aid productivity both in the workplace and at home.

Course Content

• Navigating around the Microsoft Excel screen

• Entering data in a variety of formats

• Working with rows and columns

• Formatting cells

• Working with worksheets

• Using AutoFill

• Using formulae and functions

• Printing your spreadsheets

• Creating and editing simple charts

• Protecting your spreadsheets


Benefits for the individual

  • Ability to contextualise the tools within Microsoft Excel to your own workplace
  • Confidence to use tools within Excel, including hints and tips to save time


Benefits for the organisation

  • Confident and proficient Microsoft Excel practitioners
  • A more productive and efficient workforce
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