Strategy - Translating Strategy into Action

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

Learn how to apply strategy within the workplace. With advice on how to align an organisation behind its strategy, this course will enable you to deliver a strategic plan confidently. You will gain an understanding of how to approach risk and how to assess the weaknesses of an implementation plan.

Course Content


• Create an implementation process

• How to translate strategy into action

• How to align an organisation behind its strategy

• Harness the power of your people

• Assess where resistance is

• Understand how to keep the pressure up and push through obstacles

• Secure synergies when integrating functions


Benefits for the individual

• Knowledge, skills and confidence to repeatedly get results

• A refined strategic plan of action, ready to apply within the workplace


Benefits for the organisation

• Professionals with the skills to develop and influence people when implementing strategy

• Transferable skills and knowledge to deliver positive outcomes

• Ability to evaluate the state of organisational readiness and identify and assess resource-based, political and mental blockers to change

• Improved capacity to work with goals, including strategic thinking, the pyramid principle and goal setting, mapping and analysis at every level of the organisation

• More productive collaboration, gaining attention for and communicating a vision

• Greater commitment and accountability – using incentives, winning support and influencing actions

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