People Skills - Effective Negotiation

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

Enter negotiations confidently to ensure that win-win results are obtained. This course is specially designed for those who face tough buyers and who want to develop the skills and techniques to achieve best outcomes. It will help you reduce the length of negotiations by justifying your position and
avoiding unnecessary discounting.

Course Content

• Seeing negotiation as a two-way process and helping to apply this to day-to-day roles
• Understanding the psychology of why clients think they should pay less
• Exploring personality types and the benefits of confronting negotiation situations
• Developing a focus on cost/value and looking at the rules of negotiation
• Identifying trading variables – with practical application in role play and group exercises
• Gaining and maintaining control
• Phone and email negotiations: how to manage these situations
• Understanding the concept of influencing and how it differs from negotiation
• The profile of successful persuaders and overcoming obstacles to persuasion
• Negative vs positive influencing tactics
• Building rapport to facilitate influencing and
Benefits for the individual
• Knowledge of how to negotiate effectively with skilled buyers
• Practice in the skills needed to avoid costly mistakes
• Coaching and tips for self-development
• Ideas and techniques to utilise in your future negotiations
Benefits for the organisation
• Improved return on sales through robust, improved performance
• Standardisation of approaches
• A reduction in lost business down to ‘price-related impasse’
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