People Skills - Learning How to Learn

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

This unique course is aimed at individuals and organisations who are looking into higher education as a way of improving organisational development and supporting career progression. It develops people’s confidence in making informed choices before they join a higher education programme and gives them reassurance that they have the commitment and abilities to succeed.
We explore the concept of learning as an adult and the value that
higher education can bring to work-based learning settings for both the individual and the organisation.

Course Content

• The principles of the neuroscience of learning
• How to learn as an adult learner and the concept of ‘flipped learning’
• Critical and connected thinking
• Critical reading
• Critical academic writing
• Discover the value of your own voice
• Develop a plan to support your independent learning journey
Benefits for the individual
• Increased awareness of the advantages and challenges of a higher education learning experience
• Improved self-awareness of your ability to complete a higher education qualification
• A better understanding of your motivation and appetite for higher education
• The opportunity to test your understanding and abilities and to make an informed decision prior to committing to any higher education programme
• A chance to identify your internal resources and external sources of support
• A personalised action plan
Benefits for the organisation 
• A robust people development strategy to ensure business goals are supported
• Employees with the skills and commitment required to achieve a higher education qualification
• The confidence to invest in an employee’s higher education
• A clear indication of which employees are capable and motivated to undertake higher education
• Savings in time and money through early identification of suitable candidates for higher education
• Increased morale and engagement as employees are supported to pursue personal and professional goals
• Encouragement for employees to consider higher education as a way of increasing knowledge and expertise in your business


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