Human Resources - Cultural Awareness

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

A global mindset is the key to success in today’s increasingly internationalised workplace and marketplace. At a time when a growing number of companies are starting to operate on a more global footing, this course will help you recognise what culture is and where it comes from as well as the behaviours that allow you to be more effective in your everyday working life.

Course Content

• Understanding what cultural diversity is and where it comes from
• How to recognise cultural behaviours and maximise the power of diversity
• Adjusting your behaviour and building successful relationships
Benefits for the individual
• Raised self-awareness
• Increased appreciation of difference
• Reduction in conflict between cultures
• Knowledge, tools and resources about how to operate effectively in a global environment
Benefits for the organisation 
• Improved customer satisfaction and retention
• Enhanced profile as an employer of choice – recommended by employees as a great place to work
• Higher levels of employee engagement and loyalty
• Improved production
• Increased levels of innovation
• Reduced absenteeism
• A culture where people can be at their best
• Better communication and trust levels between leaders and employees
• Happier, more energised employees
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