Leadership and Management - Influencing and Persuading for Managers

Venue: Broomfield Hall
Hours: 7.00
Cost (£): 350.00

Course Overview

We are regularly called upon to influence in our roles as managers.  The situations and people we are trying to influence vary - such as asking one of our teams to stay late or gaining sign-off for a project from an important stakeholder. 

This course is for you if you are a manager who wants to gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your own style and create new techniques and approaches to influencing to help you get the outcomes you need.

Course Content

This interactive and practical one-day course provides you with two powerful models to support you to influence in your given situations.  You are given the opportunity to discuss your current challenges using the three steps model and - by exploring your personalised DiSC profile (on-line pre-course completion required) - you replay these events and notice the difference the models have made.  You end the course having created an action plan for influencing and persuading in the future.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • The benefits of persuading and influencing for you
  • Benchmarking your influencing challengers - your current situations and the ways you influence
  • Clarity on what you want - creating your outcome
  • Gaining their perspective - understanding in detail the person you want to influence
  • Deciding your approach - taking the right steps to succeed in your outcome
  • Practise your approach
  • An introduction to the DiSC model
  • An opportunity to read and understand your personalised DiSC report
  • Sharing learning from the report
  • Replay your situation using your learning from the DiSC model
  • Your actions and development

Course Dates

Course Title Course Date
Leadership and Management - Influencing and Persuading for Managers 23/05/2018 BOOK Now


Broomfield Hall


Ilkeston DE7 6DN

Phone: (01332) 836638


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