Never enough time?

Not yet managed to clear that in-tray? Dread starting that project set a week ago? Feel as though there just isn’t enough time in the day?
Often the confines of a nine hour working day, paired with commitments outside of work can often compromise your quality of work. Your to-do list may stretch extensively, increasing your stress levels and limiting your chances of completing those important tasks.
In order to manage your tasks effectively, time management is required. Taking the time to plan and gain control over the amount spent on specific tasks is vital.

2015 is going to be different. It will be the first full year in a post recessionary era where only a small few feel a positive difference, despite the government recovery figures.

Life for many is still as tough and as uncertain as it was a few years ago, and we may just have to acknowledge the fact that this is it – this is the new normal. Get on with it.

So how do we get moving in 2015 and what is the biggest challenge facing us?

Time Management is like losing weight – we all know how to do it but we slip into bad habits!!
Here are my top tips for managing your time.


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