APMP stands for Association for Project Managers Professional and is a qualification offered by the Association for Project Managers (APM) a professional body which represents Project Managers.

APMP demonstrates an understanding of the APM Body of Knowledge, which covers fifty-two knowledge areas required to manage any successful project. With areas such as business case development, leading, motivating, earned value management and critical path analysis covered, it is designed to help increase your knowledge of diverse subjects surrounding Project Management.

Why choose APMP specifically?

Although 2015 is firmly behind us, we nonetheless can make important comparisons from last year. From an independent study conducted among 2,006 British employees in 2015, it was found that the two areas that became a focus for many businesses’ to improve were engagement and productivity.

According to the Office for National Statistics, workforces are 31% less productive than those of the US with engagement and productivity affected by various obstacles, one of these being employee motivation.

The independent study also found that half of the UK workforce did not feel positively about their job last year and staff are only going to become engaged and have a better output if their employer makes them feel driven and inspired.

What motivated staff in 2015?

• 45% a good work/life balance
• 25% a motivating boss who’s very good at their job
• 19% great peers who always motivate you
• 17% boss saying thank you
• 16% the office environment

12 February

We recently exhibited alongside Derby College at the Love Business Expo and what a great time we had. Like any Expo it provided us with an excellent opportunity to network amongst a variety of companies from within the Midlands. From start ups’ to global corporations, there was an extensive range of businesses who all contributed to the success of the day.

We exhibited within the engineering area, alongside some incredible engineering companies. It also gave us the opportunity to create partnerships, enhance our reputation as a nationwide training provider and ultimately provide companies with the knowledge on how to upskill their workforce.

Throughout the day there were many insightful discussions and seminars on topics such as changes in communication, auto enrolment forms and apprenticeship reforms, as well as the five business trends to be mindful of in 2016.

We were also delighted to be featured in the Love Business magazine, given to over 4000 visitors at the Expo, in which we discussed how management development is important to businesses who want to take a proactive approach to growth.