When it comes to your success, Emotional Intelligence is just as important as intellectual intelligence. Otherwise known as EI, Emotional Intelligence can help you build stronger working relationships, succeed at work and achieve career goals.

What does EI affect?

EI affects how we manage behaviour, build relationships, handle conflict and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.

What separates top performers from weak performers in the workplace?

We've recently introduced a variety of e-learning compliance courses to our existing suite of classroom based learning. E-Learning is comprised of many different learning elements such as video, audio and quizzes which suit a variety of learning styles. We therefore take a look at the benefits to e-learning and understand how this may benefit your business if you do choose to invest.

Human resources (HR) has become one of the core features of organisations. With an array of responsibilities, a HR manager plays a significant role in an employee’s working life. Alongside the knowledge required to become an effective HR manager, it is also important to recognise that some practical skills are essential to help improve job performance, we therefore identify five skills which form a solid profile for effective HR managers in their job.