Negotiation skills are extremely important in business. After all, negotiation is a method which people use to settle differences. Whether you are looking to compromise or reach an agreement, it’s a useful method to achieve win/win outcomes.

In order to achieve a desirable outcome, often following a structured approach helps. Take a look at our five tips to get you on your way to successful negotiating.

Plan your negotiation

Analyse the problem to determine the outcome you want - A detailed problem analysis is extremely useful.

Firstly, identify the issue, the parties involved and outcome of goals. Identifying each issue can help to find a compromise for all parties as it’s important to understand the interests and positions of the other side in relation to your own interests and positions.

Remember: Ensure you have considered all variables which may arise and be prepared.

Listen carefully

Active listening involves the ability to read body language and verbal communication. It’s important to listen to the opposing party and find areas for compromise. This may mean looking outside the box and taking a different viewpoint to the one you're used to.

Emotional Intelligence under control

It’s vital that you keep your emotions in check. This is where emotional intelligence comes in, allowing you to control your emotions during the negotiation process. It’s especially important to keep emotions in check, as if you don’t, this can lead to a communication breakdown which can have a significant impact on the time frame of settling a negotiation.

Questioning and listening

Communication skills are vital when negotiating. What outcomes do you want? Often misunderstanding can occur if you don’t specify your case clearly. Whether you are doing this written or verbally, it’s important to communicate a clear case and one which is easy to understand.

Put your skills to the test

Come along to one of our effective negotiation courses, where you will get the chance to practice your negotiation skills and gain expert knowledge and advice on how to improve your negotiation skills within the work environment.